School features

School features

The government funded Agriculture College of Fontaines (EPLEFPA - Etablissement Public Local d'Enseignement Professonnel Agricole) located in South-Burgundy, France,

Lieu de départ :

welcomes every year at its 5 sites, more than 900 students in three different courses:

  • Academics (High School Degree in Sciences)
  • Technological (High School Degree in Technology) in order to continue a 2 or 3 year higher education - HND or Bachelor degrees -
  • Vocational studies in several Agriculture fields, landscaping and service sectors.

Some of the above courses can be achieved through apprenticeship.

In addition our school has a training centre for adults (CFPPA) to gain experience in the fields of farming, landscaping, service sectors and social integration.

The school showcases two operational farms :

  • A 150 hectare farm in Fontaines : 70 dairy-cows, 30 suckler-cows , poultry (8000 birds sold every year).
  • A 70 hectare farm in Charolles with 700 suckler-ewes.

Innovations, rural development :

There are close connections between our school, agricultural professionals, and the key players of the rural development.

In progress school involvements are :

  • the improvement of the farming business autonomy ,
  • the building-up of environmental actions toward the farming world and land settlement,
  • the development of local distribution networks.

International exchange aims :

Fontaines Agricultural College (EPLEFPA) is looking forward to establish long term relationships with other European schools, through students exchanges or internships on farms or in agriculture related companies.


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Journées portes ouvertes

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Horaires d'ouverture :
Vendredi de 9h-12h et 13h-18h
Samedi de 9h à 12h


EPL Fontaines Sud-Bourgogne
10 la Platière
71150 Fontaines
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